Who Are the Best eCommerce Fulfillment Companies?

What Should I Look for In a Fulfilment Company?

You have spent the time, money and care into creating an amazing product, and now you are ready for the world to get its hands on it. This is where a fulfilment company comes into play. They are there to make sure your customers receive your products safely and on time.

However, not all fulfilment services are the same, and this is why you should do your research before settling on a company. By making the correct decision, your fulfilment partner can aid in the success of your business, however by making the wrong one then your customers will be left dissatisfied and will potentially be deterred from ordering from your business again.

What Are the Six Key Things to Look for In a Fulfilment Service?


For a fulfilment service to aid your business, it must be cost-effective. Although there will be upfront costs, it is also important to look at the money you will save in labour, packaging supplies and management systems. Additionally, fulfilment centres often receive better rates from carriers over individual e-commerce retailers due to the volume that they ship.


With next-day delivery options becoming increasingly popular, customers expect fast shipping speeds. The proximity of your customers to warehouses will directly impact this. It is therefore important to ensure that your fulfilment partner has warehouses that are located close to where your customers are.

If you are looking to ship internationally, it is also important to ensure that your fulfilment partner offers these services and is well experienced in dealing with global shipping.

Services Offered

Different fulfilment partners will be able to offer your business different services. Although there is the general expectation of a basic warehouse, order fulfilment and shipping services, many partners will offer specialised services as well. This can include the ability to batch (sending single items to multiple customers simultaneously) or kit (different items grouped then sold as one item).


Although your business may only just be starting out, you want to allow growth in the future. It is important to consider how your fulfilment service will be able to scale up your operations if your orders increase. It should be flexible enough to allow your business to grow whilst also having the ability to expand your stock rooms.

Branding Options

Packaging has become a key part of the customer experience when it comes to receiving online orders. Gone are the days where people expected plain cardboard boxes. If you want your business to stand out, it is important to have your branding at every stage of the customer journey.

Return Management

Customers expect an easy returns process whilst completing online orders. Your fulfilment partner should have a comprehensive returns policy as well as the ability to deal with returned items and reintroduce them into the inventory.

Your fulfilment partner should also be able to identify “serial returners”, which are customers who make repeated purchases only to return them which will allow you to gain information on customer behaviour.

Is There Anything to Avoid when Looking for A Company to Work With?

Unfortunately, not all fulfilment services work to the same standard, which is why it is important to do your research before signing a contract. Shipping is a key part of the customer journey and it is necessary to get right for your business to expand. Your fulfilment service should be there to make your life easier and ensure the smooth journey of your products. So take a look at their:

  • Damage/loss rate
  • Customer service reviews
  • Packaging quality
  • Shipping speed
  • Technology/management services that they use

How Does UFS Stand out From the Rest?

UFS not only offers global shipping, but due to our previous experience in eCommerce fulfilment, we understand the journey from both sides. We offer the most simple pricing structures within our sector to make every part of our fulfilment service as transparent and accessible as possible. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services including eCommerce fulfilment, contract packing, returns management and storage to ensure every part of the fulfilment of your business is taken care of.