Why is the cosmetics industry growing in the world of eCommerce?

The cosmetic industry is growing in the world of eCommerce. 

Since the start of COVID-19, eCommerce sales in the cosmetics industry have boomed. After the scare of the pandemic, people are prioritising their health more than ever.

Why is this?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, 37.2% of consumers bought their health and beauty products online. To put this into perspective, in 2020 the UK beauty & cosmetics industry was worth a staggering £27 billion and ranked the 7th largest global cosmetics market in the world. This equates to around £10 billion being purchased through online cosmetics stores.

It is clear to see why the cosmetics industry has grown over the last couple of years. With COVID-19 forcing people’s habits to change and make their purchases online, it is imperative cosmetics brands are prepared and have a robust logistical plan.

Things cosmetics brands need to consider when choosing their eCommerce fulfilment provider

Customer service: When shipments go missing in transit or your customers have questions, do you have a team responding in an efficient manner?

eCommerce fulfilment: Ensuring your products are sent on time, every time is the most important area to consider in trying to keep your customers and improve your return customer rate. Over 30% of first-time purchases would not re-order if their shipment was to arrive late or damaged. This is where we come into action with our same-day despatch delivery rates and our packaging which is consumer-focused; our boxes feature a peel-able strip and are 100% recyclable.

Packaging: Standard packaging goes so far but we are able to cater to our client’s individual needs’ with UFS Custom which is our custom packaging eCommerce fulfilment solution. As consumers ourselves we looked at some of the biggest brands and realised how much thought went into the unboxing experience. Apple, for example, use a slow opening lid to create a high level of anticipation.

To conclude; the demand for customers purchasing online has increased and it is now the brands’ job to deliver this. Whether you decide to use an eCommerce order fulfilment house, that’s up to you. But whatever happens, be memorable or be forgotten.