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Client: Mega Mounts / Service: UK fulfilment

  • Client: Mega Mounts
  • Service: UK fulfilment

Mega Mounts saves 25 hours per week by outsourcing their logistics to UFS

The problem

As a small E-commerce brand, Mega Mounts spent more time packaging and shipping orders then they did actually focusing on other parts of the business, this, therefore, resulting in a lack of customer service and a lack of growth. On top of this, they were really struggling to handle their inventory management as they sell their products on 3 different marketplaces.

What we did

We sat down with the owners of Mega Mounts and discussed what their problems were and the concerns they had with outsourcing their fulfilment. Their integration was set up for all 3 marketplaces within 24 hours and their stock was delivered to us within a couple of days after that, all stock was then scanned in and put away the same day. We were handling their whole logistical operation within a week of them enquiring to UFS.

"Not sure what we would have done without UFS"

"The whole setup process was seamless from start to finish. Outsourcing our logistics has given us around 25 more hours a week to focus on growing the business."

Mega Mounts

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