What is the Cheapest eCommerce Fulfilment Available?

When looking for ‘cheap’ eCommerce fulfilment services, it is important to understand what they actually are and how ‘cheap’ can be defined. 

eCommerce fulfilment services involve the delivery of goods from your online store to your customer, involving the receiving, packaging and shipping of orders. It covers the process of delivering goods from start to finish. If you are looking for ‘cheap’ eCommerce fulfilment services, what you might really be looking for are services that are good value for money. 

How Do You Calculate eCommerce Fulfilment Cost?

There are several ways to calculate eCommerce fulfilment cost per order, otherwise known as CPO. These include:

  • Your total fulfilment centre costs divided by annual orders shipped
  • Your total fulfilment centre costs divided by total order lines
  • Your total fulfilment centre costs divided by annual boxes shipped
  • Your total fulfilment centre costs divided by annual net sales, x100

How Does the Size and Weight of Items Affect Fulfilment Costs?

Most people think of shipping prices being affected by the weight of items, but they are perhaps even more affected by the size of them. It is important that you find an eCommerce fulfilment service that is specialised to your product offering (i.e the size and weight of parcels that you are shipping). 

Freight and parcel carriers use both actual weight and dimensional weight (otherwise known as DIM) calculations for all shipments. These calculations can massively impact your shipping costs, for example the shipping costs for packages that are lightweight but physically large can be significantly increased.

What are the Pitfalls of Going For the Cheapest Service Available?

If you are choosing eCommerce fulfilment services purely based on cost, it might be worth giving a second thought. You are an eCommerce business that wants to provide the very best service to your customers, right? Right, so going for the cheapest fulfilment service shouldn’t be your main priority. The main priority should be to search for a provider that understands your needs, specialises in your offering and fulfils in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Here at UK Fulfilment Service, we pride ourselves on always offering the most flexible and tailored eCommerce services possible. We understand that customers are everything to eCommerce businesses (because they are to us too), which is why we know that it is imperative to deliver the correct products to your customers on time, every time. You can rest assured that that is exactly what we work to achieve and succeed in doing so. 

Are There Any Hidden Costs Associated With Fulfilment?

If you are worried about hidden costs associated with your eCommerce fulfilment provider, you are probably with the wrong provider. There should be no hidden costs with this service and you should be able to understand every aspect of the service that you are paying for. Our process at UFS involves:

We also include access to our cloud-based software system as part of our eCommerce fulfilment service costs, enabling you to check stock availability as well as the status of an order. Our competitive rates offer you the full picture, you will know about everything that you are paying for and how it works. Get in touch with UFS today to find out how we can be your eCommerce Fulfilment provider of choice.