eCommerce Fulfilment Pricing

eCommerce fulfilment pricing is often (understandably) the biggest factor that eCommerce businesses consider when assessing their service and logistics. Done incorrectly, fulfilment can quickly become a large expense that makes the entire eCommerce process more difficult. 

What does a fulfilment company need to know when quoting for their services?

There are several factors that need to be considered when quoting for fulfilment services. These include:

How do special requirements affect costs?

The cost of special requirements is dependent on the requirement in question. If many extra steps need to be taken to fulfil eCommerce requirements, the costs will increase with the amount of work involved. If the requirements are small adjustments, the costs will be less. 

Are fulfilment costs always a percentage of sales?

Fulfilment costs need to be taken into account when calculating sales in a business. According to experts, fulfilment is an estimated figure of upwards of 15-20% of total net sales. However, the only way to truly know how much your business needs to budget is to calculate these numbers for yourself, or seek the help of an eCommerce fulfilment provider. 

If your estimated costs of fulfilment seem higher than expected, it is worth considering acquiring the help of an eCommerce fulfilment service. Doing this can save money on storage, shipping and labour as well as providing you with the luxury of more time to focus on your business growth and development.

Do fulfilment warehouses charge for storage?

Storage fees are what need to be considered in eCommerce fulfilment and this includes the charge of using a warehouse. Storage fees are what you’ll pay to house your inventory in a third-party fulfilment centre (warehouse). An eCommerce fulfilment provider will often have a warehouse and this will be factored into overall service charges.

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