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Sustainable logistics

We understand the harmful impact a fulfilment and logistics business can have on the environment so, in light of this, we have committed to starting and maintaining a sustainability project called the ‘Green Life Project’. Through this project, we will educate our employees, clients and suppliers on making positive environmental changes that will create a greener working culture, without sacrificing productivity. As a business, we believe that protecting the environment outweighs the pursuit of growth. Find out more about why we’re making the shift to a more eco-friendly logistics and fulfilment company.

Making the change to a green fulfilment company

In a survey that we undertook with our clients, amazingly over 97% of them were happy to switch to more eco-friendly packaging options even if that meant costs slightly increasing per parcel. This is simultaneous with general consumer behaviour, as more and more of us are looking to introduce more sustainable products into our daily lifestyles. In short, UK Fulfilment Service aims to increase the amount of recyclable content, commit to using fewer materials and create in-house schemes to raise awareness of eco-friendly shipping practices.

The Green Life Project has been broken down into four core areas to make for a more sustainable shipping process, help the business focus on its carbon footprint and set achievable KPI’s to track our progress. These areas are waste, packaging, energy and people.


eco friendly packaging sustainable logistics green fulfilment areas

Core areas


  • To commit to using fewer packaging materials but increasing the amount of recycled content within the package; making for a green fulfilment process.
  • To become a paper-free business via our paperless pick and pack system within the warehouse and encourage employees to reduce the amount of paper printed within the office.
  • To reduce the amount of waste of office supplies and repurpose equipment to new employees.
  • Introduce recycling bins both in the warehouse and office to ensure all paper and cardboard is recycling correctly.


  • Use eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging for our boxes, letter mailers and mailbags and only purchase packaging from suppliers who share our vision as a sustainable logistics company.
  • Introduce eco-friendly filla paper within all parcels.
  • Aim to significantly reduce the volume of plastic in the warehouse via the introduction of paper tape and recyclable paper shrink.


  • All light fittings within the warehouse are fitted with LED lighting which reduces energy consumption by 75% and also reduces emissions. Where possible, we want to make all aspects of our business eco friendly & sustainable.
  • To only purchase electricity from suppliers who are committed to using renewable energy sources.
  • To educate employees to switch off electrical equipment within the office at the end of the day and not to leave anything on standby.
  • Choosing local suppliers for packaging and office equipment to reduce carbon emissions.


  • Educate all employees on how UFS is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and become a green fulfilment company. We will take an open approach to any improvements recommended by employees.
  • Encourage clients to ‘buy in’ to the Green Life Project and the benefits of working with a sustainable logistics partner.
  • Introduction of numerous in-house schemes such as car sharing, walking or cycling to work and regularly purchase vegan products for employees to try.
  • Cut out unnecessary travel by encouraging the use of teams calls for all external meetings where possible, and invest into our technology to not compromise the quality of any meetings.

Client success

Client success

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