Outsourced eCommerce Fulfilment

Fulfilment is one of the biggest factors for eCommerce businesses to take into consideration when calculating the costs, time and work involved in providing their service. It can easily become complicated and disorganised, especially as businesses expand and develop. 

For eCommerce stores in a difficult position, outsourcing eCommerce fulfilment can be a major key in running a business more efficiently and at a better price.

How can outsourcing improve the order fulfilment process?

There are several benefits of outsourcing eCommerce fulfilment for processing and delivering orders. These include: 

  • More time allowed for business development
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Quicker shipping times
  • Saving on storage costs
  • Growing capacity
  • Shipping opportunities worldwide, not just nationwide

When should you outsource fulfilment?

Outsourced fulfilment is often the clear answer for businesses that are growing in size as opposed to being start-ups. Usually, you will get a feel for when it is time to make the shift from managing your fulfilment in-house to outsourcing. 

Some key indicators that should be watched out for when thinking of making this change include:

  • Slipping delivery standards
  • High cart abandonment due to unsatisfactory delivery times and prices
  • Costs that are too high to make a profit
  • Business expansion
  • Difficulty in offering free, fast shipping

Does Amazon outsource fulfilment?

Amazon business owners can outsource their fulfilment just like any other business. Amazon offers its own fulfilment services, but often the better option is to outsource them with other providers. FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) has recently experienced delays in shipping as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, being one reason to outsource fulfilment. Other reasons include increased flexibility, a higher level of control over your stock and faster turnaround times.

What does UFS do differently?

We pride ourselves on being super flexible E-commerce fulfilment service providers. We don’t take a one size fits all approach because we understand that is not the case, and have in-depth knowledge of the different requirements that businesses will have for their fulfilment.

UFS includes access to our bespoke cloud-based software system as part of our eCommerce fulfilment service, enabling businesses to check their stock availability as well as the status of an order. This provides the ultimate ease of use and peace of mind for businesses wanting to know exactly what is going on with their fulfilment, without having to do the dirty work. It is just one of the things that we do differently and that makes us a leader in the fulfilment industry.