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Do you run a hair, cosmetics or beauty company? Are you looking to outsource your cosmetics fulfilment and your beauty logistics? Then look no further than UK Fulfilment Service...

Supporting online hair and beauty companies with ecommerce fulfilment

We are a reliable E-commerce fulfilment company offering an affordable, high quality and efficient beauty logistics service. Find out more about how we can support your cosmetic fulfilment needs…

In 2018, the global cosmetics market grew an estimated 5.5% in comparison to the previous year. It’s safe to say that there are now more hair, beauty and skincare products on the market than ever before! Much of this is thanks to the significant growth in E-commerce businesses and online retailers. Beauty brands no longer have to rely on being stocked in a well-known drugstore such as Boots or Superdrug in order to achieve sales.  

In fact, beauty brands now get the highest number of engagements on Instagram compared to other industries. The ecommerce beauty sector is only set to get bigger over the next few years. Online cosmetic companies are establishing brand awareness through the use of influencers, creating great digital content and getting to know their customers on a personal level. Due to the competitive nature of the beauty sector, fulfilment and distribution for hair & beauty products is more important than ever as your brand aims to stand out from the crowd. A key part of this is making sure your customers receive their beauty products on time! 

Partnering with a cosmetics fulfilment company will ensure your beauty products are delivered quickly, damage-free and accurately.  Fulfilment and distribution for hair & beauty products is something UFS can provide to your online cosmetics business.

Here at UK Fulfilment Service, we store all your cosmetics, beauty, hair and makeup products in our warehouse, ready to be picked and packed and sent to your customer. We understand the importance of storing your brand’s cosmetic products in the correct way, ensuring they are kept clean, secure and damage-free. We know just how easy it is for breaks and spills to occur in beauty products that are not stored or packed in the correct way. Poorly packaged beauty stock can lead to breakages and leaks in transit. The result? Unhappy customers and costly returns for your beauty business. We treat your cosmetics products like our own, from the moment they arrive at our warehouse right through to getting them to your customer’s door.

Ecommerce beauty fulfilment process

Get an idea of what to expect when you partner with us for our beauty logistics and fulfilment service:

  1. We receive your hair and beauty products and check over all of the stock.
  2. Next, we scan all of cosmetic products and allocate them a space within our warehouse. Don’t worry – your products will be stored in a safe, secure and fume-free area, ideal for beauty products.
  3. When one of your customers places an order with you, we’ll be automatically notified. Our team will get straight onto picking and packing the order ready to be shipped out. We take extra care when packaging beauty products to avoid spills and breakages – there’s nothing worse!
  4. The order will be on its way! Tracking details will be automatically updated so that both you and the customer can keep track of the package.
  5. If your customer does want to return an item, this will be sent back to our warehouse.
  6. Once received, we’ll inspect the item for damage and/or incorrect items.
  7. Depending on your requirements, we can repackage good stock. With damaged items, these can either be destroyed or sent back to you. Just let us know what works best for you.
  8. The final step is logging the return on the system, where you’ll be notified to issue the customer a refund.

Our cosmetics fulfilment and beauty logistics processes are really as easy as that!

Why choose UFS to take care of the logistics of your hair and beauty orders?

  • We ship your cosmetic and beauty orders, placed before 4pm, on the same day. Who doesn’t love next day delivery!
  • All orders are carefully packed to minimise the chance of breakages and spills occurring, a key component of the fulfilment and distribution of hair & beauty products.
  • Our cloud-based fulfilment software shows you what’s going on in our warehouse at all times. Easily keep track of all your orders using our handy dashboard.
  • 24/7 storage in a secure warehouse.
  • 100% accuracy – to reduce your returns.
  • We even handle the entirety of the returns process for you.
  • Worldwide shipping is available. Easily expand your market!

Want to take it to the next step for your online cosmetics business?

Whether you are a hair and beauty company in the UK, or elsewhere in the world, we are here to help you improve and simplify your fulfilment and delivery performance with our quality E-commerce fulfilment services

Discuss your requirements with us in more detail today! 

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