Contract packing

Shrink wrapping, flow wrapping, relabelling & major retailer prep we have all bases covered with our in house contract packing department.

How UFS can help with your contract packing requirements

With extensive experience within the sector, we have knowledge, expertise & state of the art technology to cater for working with a wide range of products, from cosmetics, toys, electronics, and food to name a few…

We tailor our contract packing services to your business’ logistical requirements…

We like to be as flexible as possible when it comes to your contract packing requirements. We provide a wide range of bespoke contract packing services which can be tailored to your business’s individual requirements.

Fast turnaround times

We have a team ready to complete your co-pack requirements.

Transparent pricing

After listening to your needs. We will present an up front quote so you know exactly what you'll be paying.

Services covered

Custom packaging

From years of experience, learning & adapting our solutions we now offer a seamless custom packaging fulfilment package. We use systems whereby cross-contamination is 0 & the quality of the items arriving is impeccable. From stickering, filling with custom coloured filler, branded boxes to coloured envelopes we do it all under our new system, UFS Custom.

Shrink wrapping

We are always on hand for our clients if they need shrink wrapping services – a lot of our customers shrink wrap bundled items for promotional purposes. With our state of the art technology we are able to use different grades of shrink wrap for different types of product.


If you need your stock barcoding, we can print your new individual barcodes and add them to the appropriate products, whether this is onto the product itself or onto an attached label. You have the flexibility to choose how we assign and print your product barcodes.

Flow wrapping

We have the capability to offer flow wrapping services; we are extremely flexible and always have a team on hand for when you need it

Relabelling stock

Your products may be pre-labelled by your manufacturer, which will need to be changed into your own branding. This service is especially popular with our hair and beauty fulfilment clients.

Repackaging products

We can repackage your stock from its original packaging into your own branded product packaging. This will mean your individual products are ready to be sent to your customers according to your co packing specifications.


Kitting is the process of bundling individual items together in a package to create one stock unit. This is useful if there are items usually ordered together on your website; it is more cost effective for you for them to be as a single unit and is also quicker for us to process.

Gift & promotional packing

If you would like to offer a seasonal or short period switch up in your order execution, such as with a gift or promotional packing, we are flexible and can complete these contract packing orders accordingly.

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From bundling gift sets to relabelling thousands of items. We've done it all.

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Client success

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