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Rework services and contract packing

We like to be as flexible as possible when it comes to logistics, which is why we offer much more than just an e-commerce fulfilment service. Let us take care of your supply chain logistics, so you have more time to focus on other areas.

What is involved in reworking and contract packing?

When we receive your stock, clients may need it to be repackaged, bundled or labelled before sending them on to their customers.

Products may come directly from a manufacturer or supplier, which means they are not brand-specific. You may require each item to be labelled and packaged in your own business branding, before being sent out to the end consumer.

Actions can involve adding promotional labels, barcoding stock, relabelling, rebranding, debranding, and making a product ‘store-specific’. This type of rework service is called contract packaging, or co packing.

We are able to handle a wide variety and quantity of products, from cosmetics to fashion, to pet supplies and everything in between. We currently provide supply chain logistics to ecommerce businesses across a range of sectors, not only in the UK but located all over the world, including companies beginning their UK trading through with us.

Reworking isn’t just about labelling and branding; our logistics management service is flexible around your needs. For example, if you are running a promotion with one or more of your products from your supplier, we can rework your stock to create bundles, add labels and make sure your products are ready, according to your branding requirements.

We tailor our rework services to your business’ logistic requirements…

We like to be as flexible as possible when it comes to your logistics management, which is why we offer more than just the standard e-commerce fulfilment service. We provide a wide range of bespoke contract packaging services; including product bundling, repackaging, reworking and relabelling which can be tailored to your business requirements.

At UK Fulfilment Service, we can work with you to take over every part of your ecommerce logistics process, from the warehouse storage to the co packing and shipping, as well as a returns service. If you are looking for a contract packaging company, look no further… See more about our full range of packaging services.

Our contract packaging services

Printing barcodes

If you need your stock barcoding, we can print your new individual barcodes and add them to the appropriate products, whether this is onto the product itself or onto an attached label. You have the flexibility to choose how we assign and print your business’ barcodes.

Relabelling stock

Your products may be labelled by your original manufacturer, which will need to be changed into your own branding or made ‘store-specific’. This service is especially popular with our hair and beauty fulfilment clients.

Wholesale fulfilment

We have a proven record of delivering wholesale orders to a variety of big and small retailers. We understand that a quick turnaround time is important when it comes to restocking, so we strive to achieve this regardless of how short the notice is.

Repackaging products

We can repackage your stock from its original packaging into your own branded product packaging. This will mean your individual products are ready to be sent to your customers according to your specifications.


Kitting is the process of bundling individual items together in a package to create one stock unit. This is useful if there are items usually ordered together on your website; it is more cost effective for you for them to be as a single unit and is also quicker for us to process.

Warehouse storage

We store all of your products in our secure warehouse ready for your reworking, pick-and-pack requirements when your customers complete an order. We offer flexible warehousing and fulfilment storage solutions to suit your business’ needs.

Gift and promotional packing

If you would like to offer a seasonal or short period switch up in your order execution, such as with a gift or promotional packing, we are flexible and can complete these orders accordingly.

Speak to us about how you see your ecommerce logistics working, there is no one-fits-all strategy. Find out more about our re-work and relabelling service or get a free, no-obligation quote by getting in touch with our friendly team.

We take the hassle out of pre-packing

When you take on your businesses’ pre-packaging services in-house, it can drain a lot of your time and energy, which could be better used elsewhere. You may even resort to hiring extra staff to handle the pick and pack services, and if you tend to have fluctuating orders you can end up losing money.

By using UK Fulfilment Service as a third-party co-packing company, you can save money on expensive warehouse space and staff fees, and you can rest assured knowing your orders are taken care of by professionals at UFS.

We can even source branded packing and relabelling materials on your behalf if you wish, making life easier for you.

We are based in the East Midlands, but we operate for businesses across the UK and worldwide; you may assume ‘I need to pick co-packing companies near me’, but you don’t need to worry about choosing a closer location as we can work with you wherever you are based. We can receive your stock directly from the manufacturer, and ship it to anywhere in the world.

Benefits of outsourcing co packing services to UK Fulfilment Service

  • Quick and cost-effective service
  • Reduce stock storage space and costs
  • Professional team
  • Integrated technology systems
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed
  • Stress-free service
  • Competitive rework prices
  • No hidden costs
  • Environmentally processes where possible
  • Flexibility if reworking requirements change over time
Satta Clothing

Satta Clothing

Satta Clothing chose UFS to distribute their wholesale orders to a variety of retail stores all over the world while keeping to a short deadline.

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PDC Brands

PDC Brands

We were approached by PDC Brands who needed 50,000 units of shampoo re-labelling and barcoding to be delivered into retail stores. Quick turnaround time was a must and we managed to turn these around within 10 days.

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Freedom Logsitics

Freedom Logsitics

Freedom was in need of some short term pallet storage as well as stock inventory reports. We were able to offer a very flexible and cost effective solution.

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