Why does delivery experience matter?

Delivery experience is directly related to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and retention are essential to any business wanting to stick around. Providing efficient shipping services and well-designed packaging is therefore the winning combination to a long-lasting eCommerce business.

Below are some key factors that we believe need consideration:


The speed in which parcels are picked, packed, and dispatched make a huge difference to the customers experience. With consumers getting ever more impatient, it is critical you stay up to speed with the industry standard. We recommend as standard, same day dispatch for orders placed before 4pm.


Your eCommerce store receives an order, and it is now crucial to act quick and get the order dispatched. However, if the customer was to receive the wrong item(s) (especially if this was a first-time purchase) they are more likely to return their order for a refund rather than an exchange. This could turn a lifetime customer into one time purchase. This shows the importance of getting it right first time.

Branding & Packaging

Your packaging gives you the opportunity to show your customers what makes you different. By giving them a unique opening experience, you’re creating a memory. A great example of this would be apple. The sophisticated white box and slow opening lid gives the customer a sense of anticipation and luxury.

Courier choice

Over 60% of customers would not re-order from a brand if their first purchase turned up late or did not arrive. Apart from choice and trust, this is completely out of your control and all in the hand of the couriers. It might be the cheapest option to start with, but in reality, the most expensive outcome.


We hope this has given you a bigger insight into how you can improve your delivery experience, whether you want to fulfil your shipments internally or decided to outsource to eCommerce fulfilment specialist, know that the experience you create can leave everlasting impressions.